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Tartan Is An Industry Leader With Thru Tubing Equipment And Has Engineered Many Thru Tubing Solutions To Complement The Wide Array Of Required Operations

For over 20 years, Tartan Completions has provided full-service tools and operations for thru tubing milling and fishing services. Tartan designs, engineers and manufactures its own small outside diameter (OD) mud motors and thru tubing tools, as well as supervises on-site operations.

Our experience and range of skills ensure that we can react quickly to client needs and challenges. From standard mill-out of cement and equipment to extended reach mill-out of bridge plugs and fracturing systems, Tartan continues to lead the way in service, value and performance.

Anti-Rotation Device and Circulating Head

The Anti-Rotation Device (ARD) controls and releases reactive torque generated from the use of down hole drilling motors.

Rotating Scraper

The Rotating Scraper cleans the casing wall inside diameter (ID) while drilling out obstructions using Tartan’s downhole motors.

Motor Head Assembly

The Motor Head Assembly (MHA) is designed and constructed to provide the convenience of a single motor head tool for connecting to coiled tubing or jointed pipe.

Thru Tubing Mud Motors

Tartan is a pioneer in the development of small diameter mud motor technology, having designed, manufactured and serviced small motors for over 20 years.

Pulse Generator and Intensifier

The Pulse Generator (PG) is designed to vibrate the downhole motor bottom hole assembly (BHA) to decrease tubular friction (wall contact forces).

Venturi Junk Baskets

The Venturi Junk Basket is designed to remove debris from the wellbore.

Drilling Motor Dynamometer Testing

The Dynamometers provide verification of our downhole drilling motor performance prior to running in hole.

Thru Tubing Milestones

Patented mechanical Anti-Rotation Device to enable the operation of mud motors and service rigs

First thru tubing company in North America to create a Dynamometer

First company to mill out a horizontal sliding sleeve completion in North America

First company to reach a depth of 22,300 ft. with coiled tubing utilizing patented Pulse Generator

Perform first internation mill-out in China

What Our Customers are Saying

“EOG has dealt with Tartan Completions since 2010, during which time they provided us completions equipment and services in our Rockies Region in the USA. Tartan has helped EOG lower costs through increased efficiency and equipment reliability and have always provided knowledgeable operational support for our daily completions operations. We can confidently recommend Tartan Completions as a solid and reliable supplier, and experts in completions equipment and services.”
EOG Resources
“Tartan Completions has been providing Crescent Point Energy with downhole milling services since 2009 when they started milling out frac ports in Saskatchewan. They have completed hundreds of jobs for us and still are our trusted service provider to do milling and fishing work in both Alberta and Saskatchewan. For any company looking for downhole milling services, we highly recommend Tartan Completion’s continued repeatable and reliable services and support.”
Crescent Point Energy Group

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