Tartan Completions Case Studies

At Tartan Completions, we design our tools with reliability, flexibility, and simplicity in mind. To learn more about the successful application of our completion technology, please review our case studies.


Cemented EnerFrac™ Ball-Drop System Cardium

Tartan Completes a 51-stage Cemented EnerFrac™ Ball-Drop System in the Cardium. OBJECTIVE An intermediate Canadian producer operating in the Cardium, wanted to capture the production advantages of a cemented completion system that was reliable and cost effective. The producer realized ...
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MultiFrac Limited Entry Ball-Drop System

Tartan Cemented MultiFrac Limited Entry Ball-Drop System Reduces Stimulation Time by 5 Days per Well Compared to Plug-and-Perf in the D-J Basin OBJECTIVE A Colorado-based independent operator working in the Denver-Julesburg (D-J) Basin in Weld County wanted to increase stimulation ...
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MultiFrac™ Utica

Tartan Cemented MultiFrac Limited Entry Ball-Drop Systems Increase Production by 12.5% in the Utica OBJECTIVE A major operator exploiting the Utica shale formation wanted to maximize stimulated rock volume on their most extended reach horizontal wells. They were lo o ...
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Hybrid Completions

Tartan Provides Reliable and Efficient Completion of Deepest Stages in Hybrid Extended Reach Horizontals OBJECTIVE In most North American oil and gas plays, the exploitation trend is to drill longer horizontal wells and stimulate with more stages. Completion methods requiring ...
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MultiFrac™ D-J Basin

Tartan MultiFrac™ Systems Successfully Stimulated 18 Months Post-Install OBJECTIVE An operator working in the Denver-Julesburg (D-J) Basin acquired two wells completed in September 2015 with Tartan cemented MultiFrac™ systems. Targeting the Niobrara formation chalks in the Wattenberg Field, the wells had not been ...
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Initiation Assembly D-J Basin

Tartan Cemented Initiation Assembly Enables Reliable Toe Initiation and First Stage Stimulation in Extended Reach Horizontals OBJECTIVE Operators using cemented plug-and-perf methods for their extended reach horizontals face the challenge of efficiently and reliably initiating stimulation operations at the toe ...
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Cemented Initiation Sub

Tartan Cemented Initiation Sub Provides Reliable First Stage Stimulation in Extended Reach Horizontals OBJECTIVE Extended reach horizontals with cemented completions are being used by operators to economically exploit tight formations. The challenge in these long wells is how to efficiently ...
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EnerFrac™ Montney

Tartan Successfully Completes Cemented EnerFrac™ Ball-Drop Systems in the Montney OBJECTIVE A multinational producer with horizontal well pads targeting the Montney formation in northeast British Columbia was looking to achieve tighter stage spacing to better exploit the tight dolomitic siltstone. They wanted to run a ...
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